COVID Vaccine Information


With speed and efficiency, two promising vaccines have been developed and approved by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

These vaccines have shown high efficacy rates in clinical trials with very minimal reported side effects, thus drive our communities one step towards our road to overcoming this pandemic. “

What Do The Vaccines Do?

The COVID-19 vaccine will help protect you from getting COVID-19.


Does the COVID Vaccine Work?

The approved COVID-19 vaccines in the US require 2 shots to work as it takes time for your body to build protection after any vaccination. For those individuals receiving both shots, >94% efficacy was achieved. Vaccine efficacy for preventing hospitalization was approximately 89% and deaths rates in the vaccinated group was shown to be lower than that of placebo or the “sugar pill” group.


What are the COVID 19 Side Effects?

Like any vaccine though, there are known side effects that are normal signs to indicate your body is building protection. These side effects are not expected to affect your ability to do your day-to-day activities.


When Can I Get the COVID Vaccine?

At this time the CDC and Minnesota initiated their COVID vaccine activation plan.   The activation plan includes a phased approach, for the specifics please click on CDC link: Minnesota Guidance for Allocating and Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccine – Phase 1A (






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