Technology to Improve Your Resident’s Care
Convenience is paramount in our approach to your resident’s care. Leveraging technology allows us to provide an added level of service that patients and their families need, including:

  • Instant Access to Electronic Medical Records Anywhere – Your resident’s records can be accessed anywhere in the world by any provider to allow for fast review and processing of their needs.
  • Information Sharing Capabilities with Family & Staff – Using guest log-in credentials, family and staff can access important medical information and records to have accurate, timely information.
  • Ability to Fax and Sign off on Anything from Our Mobile Devices – Processing of most prescriptions and other services on the spot in a mobile manner allows for near real-time care delivery regardless of where our primary care team is geographically located.

*Note: Physician progress notes must be requested by email. Additionally, certain prescription medications cannot be faxed by law.

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