Answers to Your Questions
We understand that you, your staff, and your residents have many questions when it comes to the important decision of partnering with a new physicians group. We’ve created this short list of frequently asked questions to help answer some of them:

Q: How does Twin Cities Physicians work?
A: Residents are seen regularly in the comfort of their own homes within your community by our provider group. This model of care is designed to reduce your resident’s emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Q: How does my community and residents get started with your physicians group?
A: Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us and let us know that you are interested. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss questions and get the process started.

Q: How often will your primary care doctors physically visit our community & patients?
A: The frequency of our visits depends entirely on the needs of your senior population and the individual needs of your residents who we treat. We make every effort to ensure that we visit each location we serve in an efficient and timely manner for ultimate care of your residents.

Q: How does coordination of care work with your physicians group?
A: Coordination of care is seamless when working with our group. Whether your residents need lab work, imaging, or other follow up services, our primary care team ensures that these services are delivered by one of our partners quickly within the comfort of your community.

Q: What if a resident has health care needs between visits?
A: We are only a phone call way and we also provide an easy to follow plan of action for after-hours emergency care to assist with your resident’s immediate needs. Additionally, we use electronic medical records that can be accessed anywhere in the world by any provider or family member at any time. We also leverage mobile technology to write prescriptions and handle other patient needs anytime of the day or night.

Q: What if a resident has to go to the hospital?
A: Our physician group works closely with hospital staff to ensure a seamless transition and coordination of patient care. Upon discharge, our provider team resumes care of your resident back in their home.

Q: Do my residents need to switch primary care providers when they begin working with your group?
A: Yes. When your residents make the decision to work with our group, they will also begin working with one of our primary care providers. We facilitate the process to ensure that your residents are comfortable making this transition.

Q: What types of continuing education are available to my staff from your physicians group?
A: From onsite events at your community to local professional events throughout the area, our physicians group provides a host of learning opportunities for your staff to earn continuing education credits and further develop their skills with the geriatric population.