Patients, Families & Communities – Thankful for Care                                                                                                       
Our provider team has received numerous letters of thanks and appreciation for their great work with patients living in senior communities. Here are a few thoughts from some very satisfied patients, families, and staff members:

“I am beyond impressed with the care Twin Cities Physicians has provided for my clients. As a new nurse, it is very comforting to know the physician group your community is partnering with takes the time to truly listen to clients’ concerns, includes families in care coordination planning, and openly shows their dedication to improving the health of the geriatric community. Dr. Clemencia Rasquinha and Steven Atkinson (PA), thank you for all you have done to provide the best possible care for my clients. I am truly honored to be working with such a well-rounded, proactive, and attentive group of health care providers!”
Natalie – RN at a Senior Living Community


“Twin Cities Physicians has been a blessing to our senior community. I have never worked with such responsive, knowledgeable, and caring providers. I recommend Twin Cities Physicians every chance I get!”
Ellie – Director of Resident Relations at a Senior Living Community


“Twin Cities Physicians is a wonderful group and truly are an inspiration to all. They make patient care much easier by embracing the whole person and family. They are very reliable and easy to get a hold of.”
Jenessa – Director of Health Services at a Senior Living Community


“Twin Cities Physicians has been the physician group at our community for about 4 months now. Everyone is amazing. Steven and Clemencia visit very frequently. When I report any concern, the response is very quick. I speak to them directly so there is no time wasted leaving messages at a clinic and waiting for a response from a doctor’s nurse. How are they so different from any other physician group? Their message of ‘less drugs is more’ is a huge reason. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to medications. When a client is not feeling well, they are here seeing them. When it is Saturday and there is a client concern, they are right there on the phone helping staff. They are not only here for patient care but they are extremely supportive of staff and are always educating to build a stronger team environment. Both families and clients have been amazed by the work they do. When a family needs support, they are right there with them. They are absolutely amazing.”
Kayla – Director of Nursing at a Senior Living Community


“I’ve known Steven and the team at Twin Cities Physicians for four years now and I love working with them. They bring needed medical care to patients in a variety of settings from skilled nursing to assisted living communities and beyond.”

Stephanie Y. – RN of a Senior Living Community


“I just wanted to share how great it has been to work with TCP through this pandemic. Your team is phenomenal. Customer service comes first and foremost and we feel very special! Thank you and kudos for running a great company!”

Christine – Administrator of a Senior Community