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Welcome to a New Era in Primary Care for Senior Communities. Twin Cities Physicians offers service-oriented primary care for the residents in several senior community settings including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Transitional Care, Memory Care, and Long-Term Care. Born out of a strong local need for improved geriatric-focused primary care services in senior communities through the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, Twin Cities Physicians aims to provide an unmatched level of service and quality of care for residents. With our innovative and new age model, we address the care needs of your residents coupled with the needs of your staff through: following our patients into whatever senior community setting they call home, personalized 24/7 support, technological innovation, care coordination, and geriatric focus.

Onsite Twin Cities Physicians

Technological Innovation

We use emerging technology to improve the experience and care outcomes for your residents and the overall operations of your team.

Onsite Twin Cities Doctors

Geriatric Focus

Key providers are geriatric trained to focus on the unique needs of your senior population, all while providing evidence-based, research-rooted solutions from our expert provider team for your residents.




Twin Cities Physicians is a wonderful group and truly are an inspiration to all. They make patient care much easier by embracing the whole person and family. They are very reliable and easy to get a hold of.

- Jenessa,
Director of Health Services at a Senior Living Community