House Calls Made to Your Community
We understand the strong environment of care that you’ve created for your residents and aim to match that same approach through our visiting primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practioners. We meet with your residents in their apartments on a regular basis providing the preventative care needed to reduce the need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations. Through our personalized, expert approach we contribute to the overall health of your senior community.

Following Our Patients Every Step of the Way
Guided by our Continuity of Care Philosophy, we’re proud to follow our patients and continue to provide care to them in whatever senior community setting they call home. From Independent Living to Long-Term Care and everything in between, we provide the continued care needed to help our patients stay healthier as they age. Learn More About How We Follow Our Patients

Benefits for Residents & Families:

  • Easily accessible primary care in the comfort of home
  • Strong care coordination through collaborative relationships in the local healthcare community
  • Geriatric specialty focus of care
  • Convenience that allows family members to avoid time spent traveling to and from appointments and instead focus on quality time spent with their loved ones

Benefits for Your Staff:

  • 24/7 access to our provider staff and after hours emergency contact plan improves your nurse’s and other staff’s workflow
  • Continuing Medical Education in Geriatrics from our expert staff
  • Ongoing support from our staff to yours to embrace the philosophy of teamwork

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